Taco Taco Cafe is a family owned restaurant for more than 10 years.

At Taco Taco Cafe, “choice” is what really sets us apart from those other Mexican restaurants. Our fans know that Taco Taco Cafe means more delicious choices for your Mexican food pleasure, you’ll see why our food really does deserve to be considered the best. All the meals in Taco Taco Cafe are prepared with fresh and special ingredients. Everything is made in house.

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After being declared the “best tacos in America” by Bon Appetit on Food Network and high praise from Southern Living, Texas Monthly and Details magazine, owner Helen Velesiotis said she knows the single reason her tacos have kept people flocking to Taco Taco for years. “There’s love in them because I make them just like I’d make them for myself,” Velesiotis said. “I want them to be perfect. The quality of the food for the price is unbeatable. It’s the best spot in town to come and eat. We love our customers and we love our tacos. “Along with serving breakfast tacos all day long, Taco Taco is famous for its enormous El Norteno taco, stuffed with green peppers, cheese and chicken and beef that is the size of a plate. The chiliquila breakfast tacos, with chopped homemade chips, pico de gallo, cheese and eggs are always popular. Basically, there’s a reason people snap up the “Best Taco in America” T-shirts that Taco Taco sells, customers said. “It’s the atmosphere, it’s always friendly,” said Marty Robles, mailman and longtime customer. “The food is always good. It reminds me of Mom’s home cooking growing up. There are so many regular customers you see every day, from all walks of life. ”



Voted Best Breakfast Taco 2001-2010





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El Norteño

“This place looks like Austin”, said a friend. Well, maybe an Austin diner circa 1950. The look is very anglo (white walls, orange swivel chairs at the abbreviated counter, and tiles with a frilly floral design). But the menu is pure Mexican, and among the plethoraof tacos, the biggest and best is El Norteño. This behemoth boasts a homemade flour tortilla nearly the size of an individual pizza. Said tortilla is grilled to a toasty finish and stuffed within an inch of its life with thickly sliced, reasonably tender beef falita meat ( the chicken is almost as good). Then is’t piled even higher with a layer of refried beans plus sliced avocado and bell pepper and melted white chesse. You won’t need to eat again for THREE days!

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Taco Taco Café

As a second-semester college senior, I find that breakfast tacos are one of the prime components in my life’s food pyramid. (Coffee is down there at the bottom holding everything up, where whole-wheat bread and rice should be). It doesn’t help that Taco Taco Cafe is within walking distance of my apartment, either.

Year after year, the small Mexican restaurant garners awards and prise from around the city. Hard to believe, since Taco Taco can’t possibly fit more than 40 people inside. But it does well enough. Students from nearby universities (and professors — I saw two of my own there this morning) flock to the café for generously sized breakfast tacos and morning coffe soda. Servers are so busy that they rarely stop by your table more than once during your the meal.

Bean and cheese, bacon and egg, chorizo and egg, potato and egg — the rat pack of breakfast tacos are all there. Just ask for cheese (or extracheese) on anything you want. The thing — things, I should say, that push these breakfast tacos over the edge, from good to great, are the homemade flour tortillas into which the ingredients are tucked, and the potatoes. Sweet mother of spuds. I would say slighty browned, but really I mean goldened potatoes, resembling large pillowy cubes or fried tofu, absolutely make the potato -and- egg taco.

The slightly buttery, never burnt, potato blocks really compliment the Super Taco. At $1.89, the Super Taco is 50 or 60 cents more than the basic breakfast tacos, but the splendor of shredded cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs (with a hint of milk?), beefy beans, potatoes, and country sausage all melting together in your mouth is so worth it.

If you’re more of a chorizo person, check out the Taco Special, which is similar to the Super Taco, but swaps the country sausage out for a surprisingly non-greasy helping of chorizo. It’s rather mild for my taste – I prefer my chorizo with a little more kick, á Las Palapas – but not having my pants stained with red oil after breakfast was a reasonable compromise.

Both the Super Taco and the Taco Special are enough to fill any normal person, but if you have the stomach capacity and metabolism of a college guy (or you are a college guy) tack one more breakfast taco onto your tab. I recommend the migas taco – Perfectly crisped corn tortilla strips and scrambled eggs. Yummy.

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