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Lunch Plates

Are you tired of having the same old brown bag lunch every day? Then come on down to Taco Taco Café to try one of our amazing lunch plates. From beef fajitas to the best tacos in San Antonio, TX, our lunch specials are sure to please!

Mix Up Your Lunch Routine With Our Tacos, Beef Fajitas, Gorditas and More

  • Enchiladas Verdes

  • Enchiladas (Cheese)

  • Enchiladas (Beef or Chicken)

  • Puffy Taco (Beef or Chicken)

  • Puffy Fajita Taco (Beef or Chicken)

  • Crispy Taco

  • Gorditas

  • Carne Guisada

  • Picadillo

  • Carne Asada

  • Fajita (Beef or Chicken, Served with Charro Beans)

  • Steak Ranchero

  • Pork Chops

  • Chicken Mole

  • Spinach Enchiladas

  • Carnitas (Beef)

  • Mexican Plate (2 Cheese Enchiladas, Rice, Beans & Crispy Taco)

  • Crispy Taco Gorditas (Beef or Chicken)

  • Flauta Plate (Chicken)

  • Lengua Plate

  • Fiesta Plate

  • Taco Taco Special (2 Cheese Enchiladas served with Beef or ChickenFajitas

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